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The world’s longest annual migration by a mammal ever recorded was that of the gray whale, which travelled 14,000 miles from its home in Russian waters to Mexico and then back again. The biggest annual human migration is that of the Chinese people over the Spring Festival, the Chinese Lunar New Year, when 3 billion trips are made in order for families to be together over the important holiday period.

Like every single company in China, many Shanghai Daily staff will, too, take part in the world’s biggest annual human migration, and this time you can follow their journeys every step of the way.

Three copy editors from the newspaper — Joan, Song, and Tony — will venture back to their hometowns across China, using different methods, while taking you along with them.

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Their mission: to document interesting points along their journeys using only the photo or video functions of their cellphones, and all content must be submitted via WeChat, China’s most widely used social media application. We expect to see scenery, yummy food, family traditions, and other sights as our staff take train, fly, or drive across the country.

Meet the crew

Joan will be heading back to her hometown of Xiangshan, Ningbo, south of Shanghai, by car. She can’t wait to eat Ningbo’s most famous specialty: fresh seafood. Follow #JoansJourney

Song plans to use China’s highspeed rail network to get back to her hometown: Hankou, Wuhan, in Hubei Province. She’s really looking forward to getting home and eating hot sesame noodles. Follow #SongsJourney

Tony will take an overnight train to his hometown: Xi’an’s Lianhu District. He is most looking forward to his grandma’s cooking over the holiday, as well as mutton and bread pieces in soup from the city’s famous Muslim Quarter. Yum! Follow #TonysJourney

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