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China slows down spending on Belt and Road energy projects

China slows down spending on Belt and Road energy projects

China’s thirst for overseas energy investments is declining, at least by one tally. The nation’s financing for Belt and Road Initiative energy projects dropped 28 per cent to US$14.3 billion last year from US$19.9 billion, according to data released Monday by Boston...

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Salon Series held for international students by PKU

From October to December, 2016, PKU holds “Succeeding in China”, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Salon Series for International Students. With the topic of “Leading China, Facing the World, Win-Win Future”, PKU invites PKU professors,specialists from Overseas Student...

MERICS European China Talent Program 2017

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) seeks to encourage young Europeans to deepen their engagement with contemporary China. Each year, the MERICS European China Talent Program gathers a select group of 15 young China experts from across Europe in Berlin...

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