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A high-flying job, a dream come true

A high-flying job, a dream come true

THE maiden flight of the C919, China’s first domestically developed narrow-body aircraft, last May involved one “maiden” in the sky — test flight engineer Le Yafei. While most of her colleagues stood cheering along the No. 4 runway at Pudong International Airport,...

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U.S. exit from TPP – three main takeaways for Europe

The U.S. withdrawal from TPP and TTIP leaves the Europe Union  as the main advocate of high regulatory standards in international trade agreements. The Trump administration’s anti-trade rhetoric may have created an opening for Brussels to get concessions from Beijing...

New Year Greeting from Center for China and Globalization

Dear CCG Friends, greeting With 2016 winding down and 2017 right around the corner, we want to take this greeting to thank you for supporting our cause in the past year and applaud your continued backing in the future. Here is our sincerest wish for a happy and...

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