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【学习进行时】伴随习近平主席出访的脚步,“熊猫外交”再次引起广泛关注,大熊猫这张独特的 中国名片 引发人们的想象与共鸣。这些年,习主席向世界展示了哪些“ 中国名片 ”?这些国家名片怎样刷新着世界对中国的认知?新华社《学习进行时》专栏推出“辛识平”融媒体评论,与您一起感受和思考。


这几天,在柏林,因为中国大熊猫“梦梦”和“娇庆”的到来,整个城市都沸腾了。柏林市民把它们当作“中国的一个元素”,赞其“甜美、漂亮、友好”。“国宝”大熊猫萌态可掬、温和敦厚,在全世界吸粉无数,无疑是一张颇受追捧的 中国名片 。  阅读更多




During the course of learning, accompanied by the footsteps of President Xi Jinping, “Panda Diplomacy” once again aroused widespread concern, giant panda this unique Chinese business card triggered people’s imagination and resonance. These years, the President to show the world what “Chinese business card”? How do these national business cards refresh the world’s perception of China? Xinhua News Agency “learning when the” column launched “Xin Zhiping” financial media comments, with you to feel and think.

  On July 5, President Xi Jinping, who is on a state visit to Germany, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the opening of the Berlin Zoo Giant Panda Hall. Previously, the chairman of the incumbent in the German mainstream media published entitled “for a more beautiful world,” the signature of the article expressed the hope that the arrival of the pair of pandas in Berlin to become a messenger of Sino-German friendship.

  These days, in Berlin, because the Chinese giant panda “dream” and “Jiaoqing” the arrival of the whole city are boiling. Berlin people regard them as “an element of China”, like “sweet, beautiful, friendly.” “National treasure” giant panda mature, gentle and honest, in the world sucking countless, is undoubtedly a popular Chinese business card.

  The world received the Chinese business card, not only the giant panda. The chairman of the meeting has said: go a lot of countries, talk about one of the most cooperation projects is high-speed rail. These years, accompanied by the President to the pace of the world stage, a sheet of “Chinese business card” debut in the world. There are “Meng Meng da” giant panda, but also “Bang Bang Da” of China’s high-speed rail, China’s nuclear power, Chinese medicine, as well as “the United States and the United States,” the classic masterpiece, calligraphy, cloisonne and so on. Each “business card” is a feeling of China, to understand the window of civilization in China.

  Through the “Chinese business card”, people see a peaceful and friendly, open and inclusive of China.

  According to historical records, as early as the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese government had given the giant panda to other countries. Since the founding of new China, giant pandas crossed the sea, went to other places, in foreign exchanges to play “friendship ambassador” role, as “the most Meng diplomat.” With the giant panda go out of the country, as well as the Chinese people’s friendly and warmth, the longing for the pursuit of peace.